Mexuscan 1.7.2 for ATS

Mexuscan 1.7.2 for ATS

C2C v1.7 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.7.2
other map mod
2-C2C 1.7.1
other no map mod
fix bugs
fix damage
fix zoom
fix many bugs
add border state in niagara falls

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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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14 Responses

  1. Zach Avery says:

    Error at charged in Edmonton, wrong elevation at location -37657.751.9133 -48193.6. Can’t unload

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi. I like your work but many hotels in the gas stations on the routes don´t work, you park in the zone but don’t appear sleep option.

  3. Justinator says:

    Well this doesnt work for me, i start the game, activate the mod, then i load it and at 3/4% the game crashes (happens with this one and coast to coast) i tried to do it with a new profile but still, it keept crashing, someone who can help me? got the newest version of the game…

  4. Alexander says:

    Hi, I like your work but, many hotels in the gas stations on the routes don’t work. You park in the zone but the “sleep option” don’t appear.

  5. seb says:

    i love this map but where is the Mario Map Fix ?? game Crash when trying to load with mario map. but load succesfully with C2C Map ! Thanks.

  6. Brandon says:

    Can you please add my home town Saint John New Brunswick? we got a lot of industry and can be added south of the highway to Halifax, or add Fredricton, its on the way to Halifax

  7. Brandon Kover says:

    What are the city names that you added?

  8. Patrick says:

    impossible to load game this map is buged

  9. Olivier says:

    what is C2C

  10. Cornbred says:

    Roads arent connected for me and are still blocked off by floating X’s. Dunno where to go from here now… -sigh- was looking forward to this. (yes i have c2c 1.7.1)

    • Cornbred says:

      just wanted to add that I’m running Game version 1.2.1..1. Dunno if that makes a difference or not.

    • Cornbred says:

      Sooo, apparently load order DOES matter that much… i had installed and activated at one point C2C, This AND alaska offroad. well the roads for this werent lining up but alaska offroad was, so i uninstalled this and left in alaska offroad, then its road didnt match up anymore, so i thought maybe all three needed to be installed in order for me to use AOR. I reinstalled and reactivated this at the top of the list and now the roads for this line up but not AOR.. what in the F**K ?! im mean, cool, ya know, now i have it, but good lord its a brain scrambler as to how i got it activated

  11. Jai Rods says:

    Doesn’t work. Start new game- activate mod – create a test user- load just crashes try the 1.93 too same thing.

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