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JDM’s PeterBullet 352 Cabover for American truck simulator
Second version

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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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19 Responses

  1. dark41 says:

    It’s a good effort with very few options, and a couple that show accessory spots that are greyed out. It seems very stable on the road, and steers well without a load on a game pad. 2 things make this unplayable for me: 1 The fuel gauge is under the blinker lever making it impossible to see without using left blinker and steering wheel turned to left – have to keep stopping to see it. 2 – With a heavy load the front end leaves the ground so that you can’t steer making on ramps and any turns at lower speeds difficult. Playable but disappointing is that it’s locked in a way which prohibits changes (I prefer my own engine sounds, engines, and gear ratios – personal preference).

  2. oldschoollc says:

    WTF! 5 stars, downloading right now!!

  3. killer says:

    crashes game as soon as you leave your headquarters and i paid for this mod

  4. Steve says:

    Like your Truck. Wanted to create a kin for it but not had any luck with a template. Downloaded a skin from someone else but that did not work, as it did not show up in the paint skeams. One comment I would make is that if you want to use the Lazy axle and you have 43 tonne on or more you cant steer it as the front wheels are of the ground. So either the Suspension is not rigid enough to carry the weight yet it is seemingly built for that. and perhaps the Lazy axle should be a steerable unit. Other than that nice job.

  5. Joe says:

    Crashes game v1.28

  6. harly says:

    woowwwww this is amazing!!!!thank you for this one….i’ve been waiting for so long for a cabover with this much horsepower and more important over 5000 torque…thank you!! can someone here maybe do a mod so that all the cabovers (also mod-trucks) have over 5000 torque and over 800/1000hp? (for the really heavy loads) i would be so thankfull for that!!(and everybody here i think)
    again thank you!!!!

    • dark41 says:

      It’s pretty easy to change the specs of existing engines on trucks. HP has no impact on this game, torque is what you need – although you can google the correct HP for torque or visa versa if you want the specs to match correctly. The first thing I do is change to 30,000 torque on engines I use. Anything over that isn’t used, and anything lower is user preference. For mods that aren’t locked it’s a simple process in the mods folder. The following is only to be used offline and you can’t upload without permission of the mod maker (some of them take themselves way too seriously):

      1) With 7zip installed right click on the mod
      2) 7zip, Open archive, follow the path to the desired engine (def/vehicle/truck/truck name/engine/engine.sii
      3) double click on the desired engine.sii, (open with notepad or notepad++)
      4) change the torque to whatever suits you
      5) file, save, and close the file, making sure to click “OK” when 7zip asks if you want to update the archive

      That’s it. You now have a more powerful engine. Be warned that the higher the torque, the more the game ignores lower gears and lugs when starting out – once it gets up to certain speed it reacts normally for gears. It’s a bit more complicated for vanilla trucks and locked mods, but they can all be changed with a little learning, effort, and the right tools (SCS Extractor and/or Quick BMS). Have fun with it. 🙂

  7. ray says:

    it is a really cool truck, lots stuff to put on it everywere, only problum i having with it, its making the game speed up an slow down while useing it. paid for it, just wish it would work right, because it is one the best looking trucks i seen along with the viper. if can fix this problum, it be a great truck to use. thks jdm

  8. jason says:

    i cab view there is a big black bar that completely blocks feild of view i can only drive from an externel view other than that mod worked great looks good sounds good drives well just cant use in cab view because of strange black bar that covers ur view

  9. Alex says:

    got version 1.29 and game crashed

  10. michael says:

    I have the mod installed but I can’t find it in game! Where is it?

  11. Pierre says:

    All rear axles are made like a stick, there is no differentiels connected with driving shaft. It looks weird and not real if you dont put a deck plate. The driving shaft is too small, it should look a little bit more heavy-duty. Moving gauges hiden by the steering wheel would help. Except those little things, this mod is realy hot. That truck is my favorite, the mod worked well in my game, but I deleted it because it doesn’t looked real (axles). I would like to know if it’s gonna be fixed or not.

    From a very big fan of the 352.

  12. douglas Linderberry says:

    will it work on the new verison of the game jw

  13. Josh says:

    Has this been updated to the 1.31 yet or is it still out of date?

  14. john austin says:

    this truck is a payed mod it was leaked on to the mod site , if u want the truck that has been updated to 1.31 with cables look up JDM ATS MODS ON FACEBOOK

  15. john austin says:

    352 cabover is a payed mod if u want it look up jdm ats mods on facebook it has been updated for 1.31 with cables n some other gooddies

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