International Lonestar v 2.3.2 Truck

American Truck Simulator Mods

International Lonestar v 2.3.2 Truck

def fixes
update the interior for the new game system
adding the DLC volnate
and fixes some bugs to work better in the newest version of the game

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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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10 Responses

  1. Jamarius Campbell says:

    Could You Do A Mod On The International 9900ix?

  2. Bill Radloff says:

    Thank you for updating this…I missed my Lone Star!

  3. flatlander007 says:

    where do i find it?

  4. theodriun says:

    it is purchased in volvo dealership in san fransisco. but id you have some other truck mods it may not how. it actually replaces the Volvo 670. So if you have that mod installed…no Volvo for you.

  5. walter says:

    volvo dealership in san fran? volvo isn’t even in ATS right now the only dealerships are peterbilt and Kenworth, so how am i supposed to buy it if the volvo dealership doesn’t exist in the game yet?

    • GeriatricGinger says:

      walter – you have to install a volvo 670 then you’ll have a volvo dealer. then this one apparently removed the 670 and replaces it with the international.. which is dumb, IMO.

    • Wetterauer55 says:

      @walter.. they are talking about the c2c map … u need this 1st .. then u see the volvo dealers in SF or Tucson .. and others

  6. Lone Coyote says:

    Great mod. The only issues I have is the interior. The color on the dash thats supposed to be woodgrain came out yellow and the steering wheel still says kenworth. Other than that its fantastic

  7. Angel says:

    hi i love this mod so thank you very much but there is an issue with no steering wheel and blinkers are a little off left works ok but not the right, im using the new 1.6 so im wondering it could be that so im asking if there is a chance you might update this mod its my favorite mod of all time. thanking you either way “)

  8. ed says:

    bring up to date for 1.28

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