Fix for the truck Kenworth W900l from Big Bob on the game version 1.31.x

ompletion and correction of the default SCS model.
–As a result of 3 types of cab: default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inches),
with a window (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inches) and an enlarged factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inches).
– the default day of the cabin,
and the frame for them, removed.
– 3 types of sleeping bags in the interior, corresponding to the cabins.
* – Interiors in external models on HD internal are replaced.
– The geometry of the opening of the windshield was changed, it was brought into correspondence with the external model,
The fixing point of the visor also corresponds to the external model.
The racks of the frontal are more vertical,
correspond to the external model
* – 3 frames (265 inches), 3 frames (275 inches), 1 frame (285 inches), 1 frame (295 inches), 1 frame (305 inches).
* – the front wheel track is reduced, in accordance with the real one.
* – steps, toolbox, auxualy power (odd_fellow), added to the accessory section
** – 4 completely new bumpers (20 inches) with the ability to install driver plate
* – Added 3 C-bi stations to the interior, reconfigured the materials.station with a separate slot.
– I added 3 shift levers to the saloon,
one stock and the second long, with the possibility of tuning.
* – Reconfigured almost all materials and textures on the truck and in the interior.
–It is now visible the antenna on the bars of the mirrors.

Tilted the hood grille in accordance with the real geometry (on default it is vertical).
– Made a brighter red nameplate on the hood.
– I reduced by 10 percent the size of the mirrors on the hood.
– The suspension made it softer on all the frames, now it’s nice to ride more swinging, the default is quite oak.
– Perenastroil camera in the cabin,
fov 67 and other parameters of the head rotation.
–It increased the range of the camera point setting, it was not possible to install the camera by the default on the torpedo.
* – Replaced the default model of the radio, on the model from odd_fellow, set up the materials. radio by a separate slot.
– I reprogrammed the glow of the instruments.
* –
In the salons Exclusive and Smoke the lights of the devices are blue and computer by PIVA.
** – In standard salon, yellow and stock computer
** – Added anchor points for accessory from the SISL package (my version of the pack goes along with this mod)
* – The motor is now painted by itself when choosing the engine itself.
– Made the headlights material separate from the glass of the cabin.

I adjusted the reflection of the glass in the cabin and on the exterior model.
* – a plate on the bumper where you can write text.
* – moved the flags of the oversized bumper.
* – the ends of the bonnet wings are more rounded than the default.
** – add 7 variant grill hood
** – add 5 sunshield visors
** – Kriechbaum sound & engines adapted
** – exhaust smoke.
** – the light in the salon, is turned on by the button “O”
–and much more…
* – Many installed parts are tied to certain details and will not be active on others.

I express gratitude; SCS, and modelers; odd_fellow, SISL, PIVA, Kriechbaum – whose some objects I have used in this fashion.

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What is this mod use for

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5 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Is this the only part I need or do I need the old truck with this one above it or something like that? Which version do I need need other than this if I do need an earlier version. Thank you.

  2. steve says:

    Ok the last error message in the game log is
    [model] Unknown variant named ‘chs_day_long’ in model ‘/vehicle/truck/kenworth_w900/truck.pmc’. ( also mentioned in the last 4 error messages similar reference)
    Used a new profile the second I try to pick the truck from the dealer I get a crash. tried it more than once. Tried removing various other mods The only mods left are things like lights graphics and a few new trucks. I noticed in one of your Paintjob directory kenworth_w900bb for the truck there all TOBJ files and no DDS. Any idea what my problem is.

  3. steve says:

    Ok got it working still don’t know what other mod was giving a conflict, which is what I thought it was. Also have it working with My version of the KW900 Long. Still can’t see any of the other paint jobs that are there as TOBJ.

  4. Vladimir says:

    I can not buy this truck in the showroom! What is the problem? Help me! Thank you!

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