Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Transformers v4.1 1.49.x

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Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Transformers v4.1 1.49.x

Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime – is a detailed and realistic recreation of the iconic truck from the Transformers franchise. The mod includes custom paint jobs, upgrades, and accessories to make your truck look just like the famous Autobot leader. From the signature red and blue paint job to the sleek design and powerful engine, this mod brings the spirit of Optimus Prime to the virtual roads of ETS2.

Features Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime:
– Standalone truck;
– Sold in the DAF or Acces Mod dealer;
– Engines and gearboxes selection;
– The model has: 1 cabin, 1 chassis;
– Skin included;
– The model has own interior;
– The model has own sound;
– The model has own wheels;
– Color selection;
– Cables support;
– Detailed 3D model;
– Compatible with ATS and ETS2.

Changes in v4.1:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49

Tested on game version 1.49.x

Credits: Fabio Contier
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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous Trucker says:

    Hello there! As a dedicated player of your mods, I want to express my appreciation for the hard work and creativity you’ve put into them. However, I’ve noticed a few areas that could use some attention to enhance the overall realism and experience.

    Firstly, there are a couple of bugs that I’ve encountered. One is related to the windows of the trucks not physically opening despite the audio cue indicating that they do. This discrepancy breaks the immersion a bit. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the infotainment display beneath the GPS map appears to be cut off, affecting its functionality. Fixing these bugs would greatly improve the overall functionality of the mods.

    In terms of additional improvements, I have a few suggestions. Firstly, increasing the interior lighting and integrating it into the beacon command would provide players with more control over illumination, adding to the realism and customization options. Additionally, offering options for exterior lighting, such as choosing between blue and orange lights, would enhance player satisfaction. Furthermore, enhancing the blinkers to LED and changing the reverse light to a white bulb for added realism would be great improvements. Lastly, fine-tuning the brightness and flares of various lights across the mod would greatly enhance visual appeal and realism.

    Overall, your mods are fantastic, and I believe implementing these improvements would take them to the next level and further delight players like myself. Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to seeing these enhancements in future updates.

  2. syahmi2002.sa says:

    If possible, can you upload Frank Peru’s latest mod releases (e.g. Tesla Semi) because I can’t purchase them in my country?

  3. John says:

    hello i have downloaded your optimus prime truck and when i go to play the game with it active my game crashes even when not running online also i cannot fast travel with it running i have updated to the new version of the game would it be possible to get an updated version of this mod with bug fixes please as i would love to run this truck as my main operator please and thank you

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