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Project West v1.3.2 – ( v1.6.x ) ATS

CORRECT VERSION – The 1.3.2 version of Project West. Project West is a project that adds new roads and rebuilds several existing ones in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona, with the primary state in focus being California. New 8-lane highways, enhanced vistas and scenery can be found in Project West.

Includes, in addition to fixes of 1.2 and 1.3.1 issues:

– Town of Laytonville
– Town of Lee Vining
– Beginning of rebuilding project, U.S 395.
– I-15 Mountain Pass betweeen Primm and Barstow.
– Billboards and casino signs fresh-up on I-15 in Primm and Las Vegas.
– I-15 / I-10 Stack Interchange.
– I-5 / CA 56 / I-805 San Diego Collector/Local expressway system.
– New I-15 entrance to Las Vegas.
– Lots of fixes in Yosemite and problems in 1.2/1.1.
– U.S 93 “refreshed” between Las Vegas and Hoover Dam ( preparements for the establishment of Boulder City )
– I-40 alignment changes.
– White raised road markers.
– 1.6 Hotfix no longer neccessary.
– About a million sign corrections / replacements.
– Fixes from the 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 versions.
– A mile north of CA99/I-15 revamped.

Credits: stoked_dude
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18 Responses

  1. kojak says:

    Still has a hole on I-15 Rest Area, between Barstow and Primm: HUGE hole in the map. Still falling through the map into the abyss. Won’t be using this mod until that issue is fixed. Can’t recommend this to others.

    • HansCrotchfelt says:

      No it doesn’t stop being an idiot and BUY the game. I hate it when people like you pirate the game and complain it’s broken.

      • Feton says:

        It does have a black hole and my game was purchased from Walmart.

      • Ralloh says:

        You sure assume a lot, moron. I bought the game through Steam. I am having the same problems with falling through the road. Think before you speak, jackass.

        • oldschoollc says:

          there are (at least) two big holes, one in barstow to primm, and another in barstow to kingman.

      • kojak says:

        Shut the hell up dumbass! I bought the game on Steam. Before you call me an idiot, and moocher, KNOW what the hell you’re talking about first. I hate pieces of crap like you that THINK you’re special, and get to speak on stuff you know NOTHING about. gtfoh!

        • HansCrotchfelt says:

          lol you all just got trolled. Thought that was such a dumb troll no one would fall for it, but it turns out I was wrong hahaha

          • theodriun says:

            doubtful, you acted like a jackass. And you got called out on it. Now suck it up and be a man about it. (or 10 yr old in your case)

  2. theodriun says:

    is this compatible with 2c2?

  3. ATS fan says:

    Game crashing near bakersfield right before fuel station on I-5

  4. ATS fan says:

    Same happen when try to go by 99 near bakersfield. Always crashing just before gas station. I turned off every mod so it looks like this mod causing problems. Can somebody check that?

  5. Ralloh says:

    I’m pretty much done with this mod for now. Just fell through the road going from Bakersfield to Holbrook. This is happening in too many places. I’m putting Viva Mexico back on. At least I’ll know I can finish jobs when I start them. Hopefully all these bugs will be worked out.

    • Doug says:

      Agreed. So much hype about this map, and at the very last 20 miles of my first delivery I fell into the core of the earth.

  6. Doug C says:

    At least a dozen Gaps of various lengths on the road map. Has this issue been addressed?

  7. Ea5534 says:

    Game crashing near bakersfield. Error Message : failed to open file “model/props/road/raised_marker_reflect_sign_w.pmg and .pmd in the read_only mode

  8. mastertiago1234 says:

    It doesn’t work I didn’t get the cracked I have arizona DLC have any idea what to do?

  9. mastertiago1234 says:

    Can you please do tutorial? Please?????

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