Meatballs Traffic Mod v1.3

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Meatballs Traffic Mod v1.3

Meatballs Traffic Mod! v1.3 (compatible with Version 1.3 of ATS, and the Arizona DLC)
by Meatballs_21
Brings the highways of American Truck Simulator to life.

Variables have been tweaked to provide heavy traffic, especially in the morning and evening rush hours, quiet nights, and a steady flow during the daytime. Be prepared.

This is still a work in progress as I try to perfect the settings in light of SCS Software’s ongoing work to improve the game.

Please note that I do not test with nor support any beta versions!
Please set this to load as a top or very high priority.

Credits: Meatballs_21
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6 Responses

  1. Spanky McWeasel says:

    Nice to see lots more traffic, particularly around the larger cities, however, the AI drivers are as sharp as a bag of wet mice, frequently causing huge tailbacks for no reason, or sitting at 4-way stops until the cows come home. I appreciate this isn’t the fault of the mod adding traffic, but until this behaviour is rectified, I’ll be disabling this otherwise excellent mod. Cheers for your hard work!

  2. Steve Hollar says:

    I thought this would be good, but, it is a bit too much. The AI drivers are complete idiots. They will often stop for no reason at all causing massive traffic jams. Also, driving down a desert road at 3am with bumper to bumper traffic is not very realistic. I’ve deactivated it for now.

  3. Carcat says:

    I h8 that the AI just stops for no apparent reason in the middle of he highway. also, AI gets srupid and does stuff like turn directly into my trailer for no reason. I give 1 star. Going to use another traffic mod instead.

  4. RAZER0416 says:

    Can you Guys tell me how can I activate this MOD

  5. Roy says:

    They just stop for no reason and that not traffic…

  6. Zynx says:

    The AI often stick to one lane on the highways (outside lane) and sort of doesn’t make sense at all. Also they stop for no reason on highways too. And you should further tweak the frequency of traffic in times of day

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