KENWORTH W900A 1974 21.10.19 1.35.X TRUCK

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KENWORTH W900A 1974 21.10.19 1.35.X TRUCK

This kenworth W900A is a replica of what was offered by kenworth from 1967-1975 as well as 1976-1982.

Changes v21.10.19:
– Fixed hood mirrors location for exterior and interior.

All parts found in this mod is what kenworth offered during the associated years of production for this truck model. The new flattop style sleeper was introduced in 1974 and the Aerodyne raised roof sleeper with twin skylight windows was not introduced until 1976. In 1976 when the areodyne sleeper was introduced kenworth discontinued using the letter “A” in its model name and in “76” the model was known as just a W900 .

The W900A were offered as a W923 , W925 , W924 or W922 and depending on what suspension was chosen determined the difference in the models and was indicated within the vin number. W925 is the 8 bag suspension, W923 is the walking beam suspension, w924 is the hendrickson walking beam suspension and W922 is the single axle option. The last four digits of the vin identifies what model the truck is

Kenworth did NOT offer a lift axle/tri Axle option during 1967-1975 any pictures you may see on production model w900a was retro fitted by a private shop. In 1982 the w900B was introduced .
this kenworth w900a replica will only be made for use in ATS, It is an edit from its orginal w900a ATS mod which has been fully updated to the current ATS verison except use of weigh station device. This w900a mod originated from ETS 2 ( Euro truck simuator 2) and was converted over to ATS by AMT modding .

Credits: Truck Model:"Steve Roache" Truck parts:"XDriver,Dro BeatZz,Bayonet,evh5150vanhalen,rockhobbit99, Corby,Colonel,SilveradoHD,Stas556,dmitry68,Kriechbaum,Stels, REDNEK, David Hester,Thomas Parham,Chief86,Rene Nate,Bansheewoj,viper2,virat,peerke145 Skins by Goran Petkoski (Skinner) and Deven Weber included"
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3 Responses

  1. dean says:

    Will the sound be fixed ver the latest version of ATS? Truck is awesome just wish the sound would be there.

  2. sam says:

    theres no sound when you start yourtruck up

  3. Pelle says:

    Have an option to remove the GPS. don’t belive it was standard in1974…

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