Coast to Coast v1.6.02 Map

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Coast to Coast v1.6.02 Map

Map tested on version 1.2!
The road map added to change!
In other versions not tested!
Card is compatible with the cards:
MHAPro map ATS 1.2.

Credits: Mantrid, change voldemar56
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30 Responses

  1. Danilo Ribeiro says:

    invisible wall in ATLANTA CITY !!!!, fix for invisible wall no AI TRAFFIC !!!!! , HELPPPPPP !!!!

  2. John Preston says:

    Thanks for the updated version, really appreciate it. Three questions,

    1. Is this map affiliated with the C2C version 1.6.01? If so that leads to question 2
    2. Has the issues with Atlanta been resolved like falling through the bridge and the invisible walls. Also there is a 1.3 of the MHAPro map, is the version of MHA the same as that because it was deployed a few days ago.

    On the behalf of many it is truly appreciated to have this map to be able to enjoy its even more. I for one really enjoy trucking or busing through the cities and states of the United States, and I am looking forward to the other states been implemented. I realize these things take much time to build and code as I was a part of an alpha beta team, testing freshly coded content and features.

  3. claude patry says:

    hello es it-that I must part again to all the time that I add a card or I can play live

  4. chuck says:

    how do i get the “zum” thing

  5. Mantrid says:

    This mod maybe called Coast to Coast, but it is a combination of 3 maps (2 not made by me). I won’t be providing any support for this or any other combination map as I didn’t make it. BTW I did make a patch to fix the problems in Atlanta.

    • John_little-foot says:

      So this version is not yours @Mantrid? because I don’t want to install it if it is not.

    • HARRocK says:

      Thank you for your map can’t wait for your next update man

    • Norman says:

      Mantrid: The road east, out of Las Vegas (I-15 I think) and going to Denver is missing a segment just east of Vegas so it can’t be used. The issue is the alignment of roads on the east end of the missing portion, they do not connect, one side is higher then the other. I have some screen shots but don’t know how to post them here. I was hoping this could be corrected if you have the time to do so. The work you’ve done so far is great, we’re hoping you can keep it up and thank you for the work thus far. I’ll post a picture/ScreenShot in Steam if requested.

    • DocMencer says:

      The problems are/were Atlanta GA, also Raleigh NC.

  6. Daniel Smallwood says:

    Please help when I make the mod active and try to load in it wont let me load in. Can I fix this?

  7. Alex says:

    I’m sorry but severe bug near Las Vegas.
    Something wrong with the road from Primm to Vegas( I only find one yet),the truck will fall through the map somewhere.It seems that there’re some serious bugs near Vegas.
    Also once picking any cargoes from the game’s original states to new states(For example from Vegas to Denver or from Denver to Vegas),the game will crash.
    It’s a splendid mod,really extraordinary.And I know it can be a hard work to make a map but please fix this several errors to make this mod perfect.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. eugene says:

    why cant i buy gas or sleep this is bs i cant run this

  9. thunderhoof says:

    atlanta is still blocked by walls, there is no way to get around them

  10. NL28 says:

    this mod works not with pro 1.3 version ? i really dont get it with all these updates every time crashes the game
    and if i want to play i need to start a new game every singel time if a maps changes or update is there.

    How do you people do this ? when using mods are you still starting all over again?
    i have done this 4 times with ets2 and now 2 times with ats but its pisisng me off
    that my progress is gone and stuff i dont know how to solve this problem.

    Thanks for info

  11. Norman (OTR Ret.) says:

    If someone is going to do a combo pack, Please, work with the creators of all maps used and give everyone involved their due credit. This map as it sits is DOA and crashes my game every time, I tried about 6 combinations. I do have a question, has anyone fixed the road out of Vegas going East? there is a section missing there (I-15).

  12. Fish0271 says:

    Taking someone else is work and passing it off yours by adding a map or two is BS.
    Mantrid Tagged Under coast, to, coast, map, v1.6 map with the Patch’s for C2C and Pro works find, your is one big Crash!

  13. NL28 says:

    it will not work i load the maps and coast to coast and mario maps above. but game crashes when i activate the mods,
    must i load also all files from version 1.2 pro maps and then put 1.3 in it or how must i do this

  14. Gonzalo says:

    There are many errors in the map and in the city of Raleigh, the highway and intersections has serious errors, the map is very good, but please correct, thank you.

  15. NL28 says:

    just take version 1.6.1 coast to coast and mha pro map 1.2 this the only combu thats work i have tried multi options
    mario maps dont work any more after update his maps are to old or so

  16. mucky says:

    Aint sure if its this mode or mexuscan v1.1 but thats the only two i have and game crashes on rout 58 near the tank stop between bakersfield and brastow.

  17. dansheavyhaluage says:

    there is a break in the road heading to Denver from las vagas

  18. dob96 says:

    Where i can find first mod “zum”?

  19. Stratolifter says:

    I guess I won’t get an answer in the comments here but I’ll try anyway… Does this addon support the default SCS AI traffic or does it use the Jazzycat AI mods and most importantly, does the AI actually work with this addon?

  20. americanfarmtruck says:

    Does this work with the Mexuscan 1.3? I was considering installing both so does it work with it?

  21. Rocky says:

    AFT Mantrid does not support Mex map.You need to ask Mex…That being said come on now Mantrid how about that update you r working on 😛

  22. AlexP says:

    Hi, I love you Idea, but the mix versions with Mexuscan don’t work. The game chrased. This is the ultimate version that work good, but is imposible entry to the old map from the new map, for example, you can’t entry to Las vegas, Bakersfield or Los Angeles from your map part. Also, I think that is better if you make more roads in your current states, for example, Texas, Florida, etc. I Like your work.

  23. Brandon says:

    soooo ummm, when i go into primm from california i kinda fall through the map, its like nevada isnt there

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