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Version 1.8 is released (link in OP).
There are lots of new cities added. At this stage Mexucan is not compatible (I’m sure Maniax will have a new version pretty quickly). MHAPro is probably not compatible either.

Credits: Mantrid
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If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Simulator Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. It is the easiest way to get the best of the game, your opponents will be surprised! Then all you need to do is simply click on American Truck Simulator COAST TO COAST MAP V1.8 for ATS Mod free download button and implement it to your game. It’s great getting even more than it was expected – that’s why we insist on you to try and test the benefits personally. That could be a great boost to your game and there are no reasons why to react negatively. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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79 Responses

  1. Wise guy says:

    @mantrid i cant say enough how thankful i am that you added columbia sc to this map as that’s where i live. I probably would’ve had to wait yrs for scs to get there. On the next update to this map could you add charleston sc as well as it is huge for our economy because of the port there. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Musa Dukuly says:

    Hey mantrid can u make my custom company trucks and trailer skin and I’ll pay

  3. Alex says:

    New version eventually comes! I have been longing for it! Great job!

  4. Jones says:

    Thank you, Mantrid. I can finally build a garage in my home state and my hometown!! (Providence, RI)

  5. robert says:

    thank yhou thank you thank you

  6. volvo vnl 670 says:

    game errorr help please ?

  7. Sax_88 says:

    How can I get the Columbia, SC map? I also live there.

    • Wise guy says:

      Just dwnld this mod. Columbia sc is in this map. Also if ur using mexuscan put both at the top of ur mod list but c2c under mexuscan and it will work

  8. Monaro1996 says:

    Great mod, thanks for making it 😀

  9. Mr. NoBody says:

    This is so awesome!!! But just one little thing I live in Minnesota and thanks for updating it but you forgot Saint Paul MN witch is right across the river from Minneapolis were known as the Twin Cities! But really this is so cool of you I like to mod game but you my friend are like god laying down the freeway!!!

  10. MarlboroLts (Olds Kool Transport) says:

    To Mantrid,
    Curious. The Pilot Truckstop in the photo, is it in the game? If so, where? And, if so, do you plan to add more? Please do!!!

    Great mod my friend.

    • Crocko from Oz says:

      It’s on the I80 between Des Moines and Chicago. Drove past it last night, very impressive. 🙂

      • Crocko from Oz says:

        I could be wrong though. The one on the I80 looked bigger ……. MUCH BIGGER!

        • MarlboroLts (Olds Kool Transport) says:

          Found it! Nice. Great job on both the Pilot and the Iowa-80. PLEASE…..if you do another update to this map mod, throw some truckstops like the Pilot around the map.

          Only weird thing….the Iowa-80 was a ghost town. Not a single truck in any of the parking lots. Weird.

          Awesome job brother.

  11. praxxius says:

    crashes to desktop in eugene oregon every single time

  12. Austin says:

    My game is crashing saying theres an error since the last version of both Maps are no longer there since I removed those to put in the new one. Can anyone help?

  13. marc says:

    where can i find a pilot fuel station what city

  14. MarlboroLts (OLDS KOOL TRANSPORT) says:

    I’m running both C2C and MEXUSCAN. I put them at the top in priority with C2C below MEXUSCAN, as suggested in the comments for the MEXUSCAN mod. No issues so far.

  15. Ajh says:

    Is there a way I can contact you besides this website? I have an idea for the map I wanna see if it’s possible.

  16. SSL Co. says:

    What version of ATS is it for? I put it in my mods folder and it doesn’t show up in game… Please help ASAP.

  17. Razorback-Pete says:

    Nice man You really did some work to Little Rock looks good. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mark Emery says:

    every time i go to enter the part where your map starts, my sim crashes. doesn’t matter what I’m hauling, or what I’m driving. any ideas?

  19. Decker Loyd says:

    I always get a crash near Raleigh, a few miles down I-40 when you merge from I-95. It always crashes at the exact spot. I tried to drive around, through Raleigh, but then it crashed on the surface street off I-95

  20. Mantrid says:

    If you go to the truck stop and there are no trucks, you need to (temporarily) increase the scaling to 300%

  21. SK says:

    Where can I find the mod exactly? It says “link in OP” Can someone please guide me through downloading this map pack? I already have winrar 64 bit installed on my computer. Thanks!

    • Wise guy says:

      Click the big red download button. It will open up a new window which will have the link on it. That page will have a few advertisements on it but scroll dwn until you see another download icon(its usually green). Click it. Next select save as. It should start downloading if its not a broken link. After its done dwnloading open it and extract it into your mods folder in ats.

  22. omar says:

    on the I5 between Stockton and sacramento the truck collapse under asphalt :3

  23. Mikey K says:

    There is an invisible wall when you try to enter the truck repair shop in Billings, Montana. No way to access to repair shop.

  24. omar says:

    bug solved….i ve eliminated the mod of time scale reduced and set the beta 1.3 incompatible mods

  25. PETERMOBILIN says:

    OMG! A PILOT LOL :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. shawn says:

    thanks good job on the map in tennessee can you put bristol and knoxville tn thanks

  27. Tony.T says:


    just want to tell you that I found an invisible wall on the road 10 from Mobile to New Orleans (this way) and on the right side of the road. Especially when I drive along the beach.

  28. david says:

    I download this and cant get it to work can someone helpl me

  29. TimeSphere says:

    ive put the .scs in the mod folder but the game is refusing the acknowledge its even there, anyone have any idea?

    • wiseguy says:

      Did you put it at the very top of the priority list? And if you are planning to run mexuscan put mexuscan first and c2c second. All other mods below them.

      • TimeSphere says:

        I cant even put it on the top of the priority list because its not even in the mod list to begin with, all i need is for the mod list to know its even there.

  30. liderguitar says:

    every time I got crash to desktop with a new profile with the module enabled, please help!

  31. Karl M says:

    Spokane. repair centre… Can get the truck 3/4s through entrance then hit invisible wall.
    On the ground is a grid type markings. The building side of the markings seems to be roughly where the wall is.
    If enter at sharp angle to the right and drive on the grass on inside right of entrance – it can be driven around. Must exit over the same grass.

    • Karl M says:

      Seems to be restricted to JazzyCat Cargos. Truck only and base trailers are fine – With JazzyCat trailers service centres have invisible wall. Don’t know if it is all Jazzycat cargos.. but digger and dozer both had issues

  32. omar says:

    please add more and more cities

  33. Hitomi says:

    its great and all and i enjoy driving on it but could you please make the blue triangle in GPS bigger It’s kinda hard to see when you’re driving and glancing at the GPS and trying to follow the GPS. Oh! and please please please add more scenery!

  34. Ch0p says:

    Every time I am close to my delivery point and this is i little before i leave the highway. The game crashes every time on the same place.

  35. Vlad says:

    Can someone help me becuase when i load the mod in the game the game crashes

  36. mohamed says:

    hey every time i download this mod or other cost to cost maps the gamer crashes so what should i do the game vrsion is sholed i download the frist mod cost to cost


  37. mohamed says:

    does their is a free mod to get a trailer without a distaion to go just take the trailer and go anywhere free and when had a good time just park the trailer any where
    plz we need this mod anyone knew about it anyone wiseguy maybe

  38. Joe Sullivan says:

    I am having map snyc issues where the map wont line up with the roads…..I can not use the map at all..Any ideas

  39. Gatorbait says:

    Looks like the 1.4.1 patch broke C2C. Even though it doesn’t show up red in the mod manager, the map and the overlay is off now and you can’t scroll the map.

  40. Hitomi says:

    Had to reinstall ATS on my computer after a computer crash and now the roads and the background map of the US don’t match up very annoying! is there anyway to fix this? Please help!

  41. Gary says:

    Is anyone having issues with their world map and the roads not lining up correctly? How can I fix this for example denver is in lake michigan

  42. Cody Nelson says:

    I’m having the same problem Gary. I think it’s because C2C was made for ATS 1.3.1 map with 1:35 scale. The ATS 1.4.1 update has the map scaled at 1:20.

  43. Josh says:

    It’s due to 1.4.1 breaking C2C. I had to roll my game back to 1.3 until this mod gets updated. Hoping we get 1.9 C2C before long

  44. Pieter says:

    Why does this mod not work on the new ATS v1.4

  45. Pieter says:

    We had to delete c2c totally because of the problem because the game went totally crash now we only have the basic game we lost all the data spent on the dounloads

  46. Richard says:

    Anyone else having a problem with Coast to Coast as of September 8, 2016?

  47. Pieter says:

    Please help if you can its a shlep without it

  48. Dug says:

    All valid comments I guess. My only problem is that the mods (C 2 C 1.8 and Mexuscan) worked okay at first. Now I can’t scroll north of Oregon or south of San Luis or East of Oklahoma City. How tha heck am I supposed to deploy my trucks anywhere?

  49. Dug says:

    Oh yeah! My game version. ATS 1 3 1 1s.

    • MooMoo says:

      I have the same problem. I didn’t add or remove any mods to the game; but out of the blue I have the same map issue. It will not line up and can’t scroll as you described. It must be a steam issue I think.

  50. coolkid says:

    my map went crazy when i installed this for ats 1.4 salt lake city was in canadas place and california was in the middle of the country.

  51. CarCat says:

    Please update for 1.4!

  52. praxxius says:

    you can use a map fix from the new sound patch. it re-scales the map for 1.4 users.

  53. Dave says:

    The maps scale is all wrong after the recent patch

    • Dug says:

      Thanks for the reply Dave. As it happens tho, it’s become irrelevant because the IDIOTS at Steam have totally screwed up my account in such a way that I can no longer get hold of my download after resetting my PC (Bloody Viruses!!). Never mind, it was good while it lasted. I just wish ATS was a standalone game like all historic trucker games.

  54. jeremy says:

    anyone got a fix for the map yet?

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