ATS MHA Pro Map v 1.2 for ATS

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ATS MHA Pro Map v 1.2 for ATS

ChangeLog : new in ChangeLog from last update
1. new company McDonalds in game MOD
2. new company Burger King in game MOD
3. new company Rcic in game MOD
4. new company MHA_constr in game MOD
5. city EUREKA
– company McDonalds
– company Rcic
6. new gas stations on highway 5
7. new cross on highway 5
8. new city look Eureka
9. redesigned road 299 with new parking places
10. redesigned highway 5 with new parking places
11. new look city Redding
12. redesigned road 395 with new parking places and gas stations
13. new sign for “right turn when is red light on semaphore”
14. new company MHA_Service in game MOD
15. new city look Reno
16. city Reno
– company King Burger
– company MHA Service
17. new big gas station on highway 80 from Reno to Winnemucca
18. redesigned highway 80 Reno – Winnemucca
19. new border village McDermitt (Nevada)
– company MHA service
– company MHA_constr
20. redesigned road 95 from Winnemucca to Oregon border where is city McDermitt
21. redesigned city Winnemucca (Nevada)
22. new city (village) Battle Mountain (Nevada)
– company Rcic
– company Roadwork MHA
23. new company Roadwork MHA in game MOD
24. new cross on highway from San Rafael to Stockton (CA)
25. new cross on highway 15 near Barstow to Bakersield (CA)
26. new small city Wells (Nevada)
– company MHA Service
– company Wal_Food_mkt
– company Gal_oil_gst
27. redesigned city Jackpot
– company MHA_constr
28. redesigned road 93 from North Nevada (city Wells) to Ely
29. fixed many small mistakes and bugs from vanilla game
30. road mark for hw 80
31. road mark for hw 580
32. road mark for hw 5
33. 6 redesigned signs from SCS
34. parking places on weight stations and on other places,companies, etc.

Credits: Heavy Alex
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15 Responses

  1. Ralph says:

    Hello, you did a great job for the ATS map! What a difference! Finally something to look at. My only wish is that you make a map for ETS2 with the new version 1.23 coming up, and have it compatible with TSM 6.2. Thanks!

  2. Robert says:

    Where is the download. Link takes me to ETS2 download MHAPro EU 1.2 package. I don’t see ATS there

  3. lucky says:

    look at the right side you see a link with the ats mod map

  4. Fernfahrer says:

    My Map is very good but I have now discovered a few mistakes and prior Redding and from the workshop in Redding to Eureka on the winding route are holes in the map as the Top Truck crashes into a hole otherwise the Map !!

  5. Kmax says:

    Great Job, love it. Anyway to combine it with realistic time and miles mod ? That would be a dream come true. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  6. bobbyfan418 says:

    I’m having an issue with the map. I’m getting red spots, where the added areas are. The ground is red, as well as that area of the map. Any suggestions?

    • bobbyfan418 says:

      Nevermind, I found the problem. In a hurry to download the map, I inadvertently downloaded ETS2 part #3. Just a lapse in focus, on my part. Great mod, thank you.

  7. Paul says:

    Tried to download this oddly 5 parts instead of 1 download and part one once you get to the actual download part says file not found. So good job I guess?

    • bobbyfan418 says:

      I had the same problem. It took a couple attempts, but I got it done, and it’s a good mod. Don’t give in, it’s worth the effort. Minor changes, I know, but it’s worth it.

  8. Brandon Kover says:

    I just downloaded this as well as the new cities in California and Nevada mod by Kurkus and Telo97. I’m confused on why won’t both will work together. Switching your map extension to a higher priority will dismiss the other one from working. Same thing when reverse. Is there a way for both of them to work at the same time in the future?

    • bobbyfan418 says:

      Aside from writing both mods into one, there’s no way. When 2 mods share a part of the game, only one can work. I don’t see anybody making a patch, so we’re left with choosing only one.

  9. Ralph says:

    Well, this map worked before the ATS update. Now it crashes the game… Sad.

  10. Ralph says:

    ATS2 v1.3.0.1 Still crashing the game. Only mod is this map in the game.

  11. Gary Forsythe says:

    There is no way to dowmload the map without extra software I don’t want or need. In other words, Il’m stuck with the old version because I can’t get the new one. Thanks a lot for nothing.

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