Real economy V1.0, the realistic economy mod for ATS Mod

Real economy V1.0, the realistic economy mod for ATS Mod

This is my realalistic economy mod made for ATS, as i’m based in Europe i’m not sure about the average wages in the US. So i’ve based it a little on whats normal in my country, but not to hard.

Now you realy have to work!

Levels XP requirement doubled
10 freights before you can get your first loan from the bank
New Loan system (who needs 10k loans? this is trucking business, not a garden shed loan)

Loan 1: 150k, 15% interest rate, 52weeks repayment
Loan 2: 250K, 13% interest rate, 52weeks repayment
Loan 3: 500K, 11% interest rate, 52 weeks repayment
Loan 4: 1M, 9% interest rate, 52weeks repayment.

At 10 jobs you can get your first loan for your own truck (150K) with some spare cash left at the moment (trucks are cheap in the US!)
At level 20 the bank notices you’r a real good driver and gives you a credit raise to 500K, now they are willing to invest in your company
If you make it to lvl 30 they are willing to invest 1M for new trucks and a extra garage.

Some people may find these loans outrageous, but its normal in the real world to have this kind of loan for a company. You don’t just have 500k on the bank to buy a couple new trucks. You loan money from the bank to invest in equipment, you work hard to repay your loan, and then you can start making the money.

Fuel discount in the garage is 35% instead of the misserable 15% in stock game. Now its worth it to fuel up at your own garages. (we buy fuel in bulk for the garages remember)

Garage build cost is 150K, upgrade is 75K, abandoned job fine is 15K!!! The company gets a very hard hit when declining jobs midway, people don’t accept it!

For the income on transporting:
No standard payment (you’ll see $0 + $/km ingame, can’t remove the first part as its hard coded). Fixed revenue of $0.60/KM, with increasing revenue on the skilled driver. (Remember that $0.75 for a litre gas, and a truck that uses 50Litres for 100KM, now you know eco driving and a big garage with fuel storage has sense)

AI drivers also no fixed payment and around 0.35 fixed payment with no skill (also increases with skill) But as their skill increases, there income for the company increases to, this is just to keep it realistic. And off course income and maintenance which combined are ~0.10/KM so total price for a unskilled driver will be 45cents/KM

Hire cost is $500 for drivers.

*Note, as i’m european i use the metric system in my calculations, the base game is also calculated in metric system with factors to recalculate to the imperial system.

Check the images for the best $/KM runs i get on a lvl 5 (17 jobs delivered, 10 hired 7 with my own truck) on a lvl 3 long distance, and 1 lvl ADR. Its still a little on the high side compared to my home country in western europe, but thats to keep it a game. Its not real life :).

Feel free to upload it to other mod sites, but keep the original text/description. I’ve locked the mod folder on purpose!

Credits: aadje93
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