Grandiose map of North and South America with the islands and continents.

The structure MEGA Map, includes almost all known to date, the content of many maps.

Location of files in the manager, shown in the screenshot.

Only use this map set in the profile.

Extract archives 7zip, below each file belongs to him. The resulting files – scs, put it in a folder – mod and connect to the manager according to the screenshot.

ATS version 1.4.x

Download all 2 parts for correct work

Credits: Authors: hugoces, Collaboration: Erick Sandeb, Mario, ManiaX, Mantrid, MsHeavyAlex, Team Maps EAA, voldemar56, losevo58.
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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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32 Responses

  1. no-name says:

    Crashes the game I did it in the order of the screen shot…

  2. Yuki says:

    Did the same with everything and all I can do is get the game to crash :/

  3. Russ says:

    i loaded everything in the order of the screen shot game crashed

  4. Peter Klemmensen says:

    This had better be a damn good map for 2 GIG’s.

  5. Dorian says:

    This works amazingly well, thank you! I’ve tried all the ferries and airports, all work without any problems. I’ve done some deliveries around the whole map (Alaska, Rio, Hawaii, Canada and in between), all went seamlessly.

    I really wish Interstate 10 would work with this, I’ve tried in different priority order and it didn’t work for me. Another thing is, there is no Million Dollar Highway or Dragons Tail with this map (can’t remember if those are a part of the I-10 map), so I do have a backup of my game save for that.

    One request that I have (other than incorporate I-10), is a way to zoom out with the map when looking at your garage, or job selection screens. When looking at those. the map only hovers over California, Nevada, and Arizona. I’ve tried the Mexuscan Map Zoom fix but that didn’t work either.

    It’s a hefty download (2GB), but it works well, and it’s a nice change.

    Thanks again!

    • bryan schlipp says:

      hey, when is there a new map mod, that features, Saint Joseph, Coloma, and more in Michigan

      • Dorian says:

        This is just a collaboration from someone, but the Mackinac Bridge and the International Bridge would be a nice addition somewhere down the line.

    • horseman says:

      Mexuscan Map Zoom fix didn’t work? Ok, Mexuscan Map zoom fix maybe are not working as well as in original Mexuscan-C2C combination, but at least you can pick some other places like Cuba (I put my garage at Havana), Baja California from Viva Mexico map and upper Brazil to take jobs or for garages. Of course places in map are “off the land” mostly, but at least you can get out of 3 states. At least I can do this with current Mexuscan Map zoom fix and that is at least some kind of solution till creators will fix it or till someone will make a better fix for it.

      • Dorian says:

        That did the trick, thank you! I have a garage to São Paulo for now, since I’m concentrating on doing most of the jobs in Brazil and Cuba at the moment. São Paulo is still a bit too far south but like you said, it does get you out of the three states. I may relocate a little more north in Brazil.

  6. bryan schlipp says:


  7. bryan schlipp says:

    this is just fun.

  8. Jan Itor says:

    I came across 2 bugs:
    – highway crossing sacramento coming from truckee and coming from stockton -> game crashes for me
    – hightway hornbrook -> there is an invisible wall which you can drive around be changing the lane. there also is a visible wall when exiting coming from south and trying to enter the highway again

    Thanks for making this amazing mod

  9. premaliang says:

    No problem in loading the Mario Powered ones but crashed if loading ‘coast to coast’, mexuscan and mexco one. Any possible solution?

  10. walter says:

    Download all maps of Mario and none me worked Dorian prune explain as isiste work and windows you got maybe be my windows7 64bit the need to change the Windows 10 64-bit if that’s my fault I change because adding the mod mario 64-bit windows7 the game crashes and so does when I add the mod mario alone without any other mod that is with new profile I hope I can answer thanks …

    • Dorian says:

      I’m running Windows 10, 64 bit as well. Game version is

      I just loaded everything in the order that is shown in the photo, using an existing save game.

      Interstate 10 doesn’t work with this, and make sure you’re using all the parts that are in the download, in the order that is shown. I tried using the newest Mexuscan as well, but my game crashed so I reloaded the version that came with the download and no problems.

      All I can think of is maybe try starting a new profile with these activated if you’re still having issues, see if that works.

  11. NoBodyImportant says:

    This comes with v1.11.3 of the MexUsCan mod included. I already had v1.11.4 downloaded and tried using that – result was crash on loading every time. Using the included v1.11.3 of MexUsCan the game loaded just fine.

  12. Xero says:

    Interstate 10 mod does work. Just place it top priority than all.

    • Xero says:

      Underneath mapzoom fix. Mapzoom on top of all. Us50&ca99 also works, havent test drive it yet but appears on map. Order as follows: mapzoom,us50&ca99,interstate10, mexico 1.0, mexuscan 1.11.3, c2c 1.9.1, mariomaps 1,2,4,5,6,7. Should work.

    • Xero says:

      Loaded with both a saved profile with millions of dollars and a new profile, both works. Do not use mexuscan 1.11.4, has conflicts. Also weather mods and sound mods may cause periodic lags ingame while driving, weird thing is some traffic mods seem not to work as well as cargo/trailer mods. May be incompatible not sure am still working around it in different orders. Will update soon.

  13. Steve Hollar says:

    I think I gave this a pretty good test. I took a load from California to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back, California to Hawaii and back, California to Brazil and back, and California to Missouri (don’t remember which city) and back. All went just fine with no glitches or crashes. So as far as that goes, this Mega Map works well. I did notice the graphic details in South America weren’t too good. They seemed dull and basic. I also discovered it costs too much to go to these far away places. I ended up losing money on these hauls. That might be due to using Klaas Economy though. I’m continuing to use it though because it is just way too easy to make money in the stock game. Very unrealistic.

    For me there were some serious downsides. I have spent a lot of time trying different mods to make the game as realistic as I can. The main ones are Piva Weather, Realistic Physics, Klaas Economy, Sound Pack, longer yellow lights, and a few others. I found some no longer work no matter where I put them in the stack. The worst loss was Realistic Physics. The first thing I noticed when I drove the first route using this map was the truck was too sensitive in steering, the brakes were too sensitive, and the truck accelerated way too quickly. It simply was not my old truck anymore. Also, I don’t believe some, or all of the realistic sounds mod were working anymore. Piva Weather was still ok though. I believe the author used one of the AI traffic packs in this mod as the drivers were doing really crazy stuff. My first clue was when they would move from the left lane into my line in front of me after passing, they would cut in just a few feet in front of me. That only happens with the nutty AI traffic mods. Since I don’t have any of those anymore, it must be built into this map. Not good.

    Bottom line for me was, without the realism I can not use this mod so I took it off and put C2C, Interstate 10, and Muxuscan back on. What a difference in performance. You just have to try it for yourself to see if these issues are a problem for you.

  14. Peter Klemmensen says:

    I think the people that made this map, they need to update it to use the updated version of Mexuscan map. When I installed this map, it would only use Mexuscan 1.11.3, but the newest version is 1.11.4. So this needs to be done. This map also has the Sound fixes mod in bedded in it. I my self would like to see that removed. That way you can use any sound mod you want. I hope they will be reading all the comment here, and get to work on updating this map.

  15. mike says:

    so far when i come into the cities of hartford,columbia,and witchta,the game crashes

  16. Ana says:

    Thanks for the great job! I found some errors in this map. They are: in city El Rosario, industries Plaster Sons y Costume Mining. In Plaster you just can not park, it seems like there’re things on the floor, In Costume you can not income in the industry, something invisible don’t let you enter.. Road between Ukiah to Sacramento crash de game. In road between Mc Dermitt to Boise seems like an invisible wall block the road. I’m testing the game with this map. If I find more errors i’ll report them in here. Greetings!

  17. Yuki says:

    I got it to work, but now, whenever I take an airport to Alaska, the game crash, whenever I visit a store, the game crash, etc.
    The other problem, you will need to fix the map. I can’t drag it to the east coast. I’m stuck near california and I can’t drag it to the east.

  18. Lance says:

    i really wanted this but after seein what all problems everyones having im just gunna stick to Mexico, an the Coquhalla.. ill be very happy with these, i tried the Hawaii map awhile back an whoever made the states they just pasted the game world of SF, Ca to make hawaii…. so ill wait a year or 2 when we get way more landscapes

  19. Brian L. says:

    Keeps crashing when trying to go back to home screen. Cannot reload when the game is in Mexico or Cuba. Cannot save game or load unless truck is back into SCS map and reload again.

  20. Thomas says:

    Hey, i just downloaded it and i have a question,
    does this work with a save game on wich coast to coast map is loaded?
    do i need to disable the C2C mod or do i need to make a new profile?
    either way great looking mod 🙂

  21. tamere says:

    y en a marre des Fils de Putes de moddeur qui sont pas foutu de crée des maps qui fonctionne avec le jeu lui même sa ce croit compétent alors que c’est le sens contraire

  22. Spencer says:


    I just downloaded this map for Mac and it crashes my American truck simulator

  23. csx68 says:

    add (Ohio cities) lima and toledo ohio (Pennsylvania cities) Altoona (SD) Sioux Falls)

  24. Trucker1 says:

    Why are all your mods in EXE fourm and not SCS files?

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