Kenworth T880 V.1 Truck

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Kenworth T880 V.1 Truck

After a while I was posting on Facebook the updated version T880 ATS but now, because by the public and decided to mod, not contain bugs, is in perfect condition, the MOD will be updated.
Compatible with all versions

OveRTRucK (Interior Skins) RBR-DUK (Alcoa Wheels) SCS (Base)
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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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9 Responses

  1. USA Simulator says:

    Thanks !!!! GOOD!!!!!!

  2. matthew jendry says:

    you can’t find the mod in a dealership. ANY dealership in game. please fix

  3. Ed says:

    Nice truck, but is this standalone? Here replace Kenworth T680!

  4. pete says:

    im using it on its perfect but it does replace the t680

  5. Ryan says:

    I put the mod in, it replaced the t680 but the graphics are all crazy, and it causes glitches

  6. pete says:

    yeah other than that it’s a great truck.

  7. Donnie Dixon says:

    the cab doent show up right and its all stretched and messed up

  8. beastmigs1 says:


  9. e trucker says:


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