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ATS Trailers


Double standard trailers (almost all)
Does not plant FPS
Game version: not less than 1.6.x

scs, franck_peru
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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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13 Responses

  1. Timmy says:

    Crashes game every time.

  2. Misah says:

    Very good you job!!?

  3. Blueman3 says:

    Doesn’t work !! Instant crashes the game when I go into the job market !!

  4. dubmans says:

    im not seeing the doubles in game

  5. dubmans says:

    it crashes the game when you go to freight market

  6. Steve says:

    Founs your Log Trailers they are a hop[elessly twisted mess and un conectable even using the Consol. Fuwl Tankers seem alright.. Not found anything else yet.

  7. Ways71 says:

    Game crashes when I go to job market.

  8. Chris says:

    i had mine working, but the only issue i ran into so far, is with this mod, just causes damage to the truck without even having a trailer attached, but i removed it and it the truck no longer took damage, and at the time i have no other trailer mods installed yet

  9. Alaskan hevy haul says:


  10. Johnny says:

    This looks nice but i cant use it, game freezes and then crashes when i go into the job market tab, PLEASE FIX!!!

  11. Sergio says:

    Crashes game when enterin job market

  12. javaughn says:

    don’t knw how to use it……….

  13. matusko2005 says:

    dont work when i go to job market i cant see any jobs please help!

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