C2C v2.0.2 for ATS v1.6 is released.
This mod replaces all previous versions and patches
Fixed bugs

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What is this mod use for

If you enjoy experiencing real American truck driver life, but at the same time feel a bit bored of the common road, cargos, and trucks, then American Truck Simulator Mods are for you! Step into an American Truck Driver's shoes and prove that you can deliver the cargo under any circumstance. Choose one of the various ATS Mods and take on new challenges. Driving a truck has never been so exciting!

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30 Responses

  1. Longhaul444 says:

    There is a black hole at the scales on I-40 going west in CA before you get to the AZ line. I fell through the roadway into a freefall to nowhere.

    • Ruud Bongers says:

      it’s a surprise

      • Longhaul444 says:

        LOL, yeah it was. But it had nothing to do with the C2C map, after some looking at my mods. I discovered the Pacific West mod was causing issues with the C2C mod. I removed PW and magic holes disappeared. C2C mod is excellent. Sorry for the confusion on my part. 🙂

    • Beun says:

      Me too…

  2. Knighthawk says:

    Mantrid, I have to thank you for another awesome job, as we go along I see you are adding cities and towns;
    nice job on Miami, seems closer to real thing than last update. Thanks for 3 lane on florida I-95, not only gives
    realism, but certainly helps on AI traffic. Took me minute to realize you added and fixed things. Thank you for your
    hard work, keep it coming!

  3. Jon R says:

    I usually love your map mods however this one continously crashes my game,I DO NOT have any other mods running using the map but my game still crashes

  4. Steve says:

    Hi found a gap or a crash
    Bakersfield going to Los Angelas about halfway the Highway Splits into 4 lanes going up Hill Near the Crown of the Hill you see a Bridge Overpass as you near it, Instant Game crash. Last time I came over it even if you try to use the Consol to Fly over it same result.

  5. SiscoTrucker says:

    Thanks for this huge work you are doing. People like you make this game a lot better. I am so happy to role on the roads of C2C again !

  6. Trucky says:

    Great to see it updated. Have done coupla long runs up around and thru to Canada(that’s on as well) n have had no probs yet. THANKS mate keep up da good work.

  7. javier Rodriguez says:

    add the city lansing michigan please

  8. kaylon says:

    when i download it is not in a zip file

    • MFinello says:

      I’m having the same problem. I’m unable to locate the .scs file. Any-one help out on this one would be great! I love this mod! To the author I tip my hat to you and a huge thank you!

  9. Marlon says:

    i can’t find the mods folder

    • praxxius says:

      C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod
      is the common location of mods folder. if you don’t have one you may need to manually create one

  10. praxxius says:

    you dont need the .scs u put the entire folder into your /mods folder.

  11. igor says:

    My trailer disappear everytime i have version please help

  12. Speedy says:

    I still find it very interesting that there are Airplanes on the map. The following mods are installed:

    – Primm Vegas Addon (Project West Addon)
    – C2C Beta Patch v2.0 (with or without, still airplane routes)
    – C2C v2.0.2 (From Mod Creator: C2C v2.0.2 for ATS v1.6 is released.
    This mod replaces all previous versions and patches
    Fixed bugs) Hmmm, why is there the problem still not fixed with the Airplanes?
    – CanaDream 2.2.1 (there are also airplane routes)
    – Project West 1.3.2

    In addition, there are terrible problems with Viva Mexico. Constantly a game crash as soon as I activate :
    – Project West 1.3.2 Viva Mexico 2.2 connections.
    So I can not even drive Viva Mexico. Through the whole Game Chrashes my stored game is also broken.

    Love Mod Creator. I admire your work and your commitment and I have really high regard for you, but at the moment I despair and am really frustrated that nothing works so well. Before all the updates, I had at least a working map. If the map of SCS software was not so boring, I would really renounce the whole mods. But by your mods it became again interesting for me and I had more fun than ever before.

    It does not mean bad, but please please fixes these problems and please not only another file with a fix, but please a complete update so the mod folder remains clear and is not flooded with several files.

  13. DatOneGuy says:

    Michigan needs more cities! Davison, Flint, Rochester, Lapeer, Grand Rapids, Grand Blanc, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Mackinaw City, and Traverse City would be all good cities to put in Michigan.

  14. ATS fan says:

    Hi guys, do You know why i have gaps between maps? Can’t go on C2C because there is no connection with original map.
    I’m using this mod only with viva mexico. I don’t have any crashes. I love this mod so please help me.

  15. Me2 ATS Fan says:

    Nice job in Tulsa and Iowa80 (to name but a few) Those red garages were ugly. I tried to clean up tulsa myself and most of it worked too. Just the Kenworth garage, I couldn’t get rid of the invis wall blocking the entrance either.
    I did block the two roads in Springfield, I see you’ve left them open in v2.0.2, but thats ok, I know how to do that myself now.

    Is there any way to make the main map smaller to zoom out complete?

    I’ve never been to the US, so I can’t imagine what it looks like in reallife. But compared to the ETS2 mods, ATS is very plane and long hauling. Some jobs seem to last hours in RT. I’m not complaining, it’s just there isn’t much to see on the long roads between towns and cities. Is it so in RL over there?
    I would rather see Canada and Mexico added to the C2C mod instead of having them as separate mods. That would make them compatible. The new mexuscan (CanaDream) wont work on my system and neither will viva mexico…. and now I’m sad!!
    Look forward to your updates and new mods. You rock Mantrid!!

  16. kevin says:

    I hope that in the future you will add route 66, the main road, it would be a great thing

  17. Jack says:

    I’m having troubles when I mean troubles I can’t play the game without crashing or have the game even LOADED before crashing and it’s a problem in addition to that I properly downloaded the mod but I’m going to reinstall

  18. MFinello says:

    Since the new update, game crashes, tried all with no luck. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!

  19. Wilddawg says:

    down loads from your site show as being with and exe. Is there any reason for this. Its not safe do d/l anything with an executable file.

    • Me2 ATS Fan says:

      These MODs are made by gamers like you and I. These guys want to share their creativity, if they should misuse our trust by adding virus, spy or malware. I doubt if their effort would last.
      If you don’t trust the exe from this site, don’t download! Its your call, meanwhile we are enjoying ourselves while you wait for official releases from SCS.
      I would say “Live a little” Or “Live up to your name” wilddawg

  20. Me2 ATS Fan says:

    There have been a few updates since this v2.0.2. I can only recommend the v2.1 of C2C. Then, when loading the mods in the manager, first graphical mod’s then C2C and then your vehicle mod’s.
    The game has also been update. you could update your version 1.6 to the 1.23 or later. if you do this, I’m not sure your old mods will be compatible, as I have not tried it myself.
    (I not using the Canada or Mexico mods, yet!)

    But I can assure you updating to the C2C v2.1 for the game version 1.6 was a good choice for me. No more game-crash!

    I hope this helps you further. Success.

  21. Canadian says:

    For anyone wondering THIS IS FOR 1.6 ONLY

  22. Kasen says:

    Please add Mesquite Nevada on the next Coast to Coast mod.

  23. bz says:

    I wanted to download the C2C map mod for my ats but when I tried to download it, it said that It has a virus

  24. ws says:

    what map works for v1.30

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